B.Sc. in Computer Programming

Programming as a skill set shall always remain in demand. The technologies and tools keep evolving, becoming more efficient thereby creating a need for good programmers with a sound foundation. The Bachelor programs in Computer Science available today are broad based and do not give students proficiency in any one domain.

The proposed B.Sc. program shall focus on programming as the key skill set with emphasis on front end development, middle-ware development and back-end development.  Students will learn to develop solutions to computational problems, use enterprise programming tools, develop client-server and cloud-based applications and learn to minimize systems risks, threats and vulnerabilities. The students will also be taught application support functions to increase their prospects of employability.

XII pass students interested in making their career in programming.

Front end developers, middle-ware developers, back-end developers

Semester – I
Sr. No. Subject
1.1 Applied Mathematics & Statistics
1.2 Data Structures
1.3 Analysis & Design of algorithms
1.4 Programming Concepts using C
1.5 Microsoft Products Lab
1.7 Interdisciplinary Course – I
Semester – II
Sr. No. Subject
2.1 Database Management System
2.2 Web Technology
2.3 Operating System & Compilers
2.4  SDLC Processes& Agile Methodology
2.5 Object Oriented Programming Using Java
2.6 Interdisciplinary Course – II
2.7 Summer Internship
Semester – III
Sr. No. Subject
3.1 Advanced Java with frameworks
3.2 Middleware Technologies
3.3 Dot Net
3.4 Data Warehousing & BI
3.5 Advance Databases (MngoDB, Hadoop)
3.6 Interdisciplinary Course – III
Semester – IV
Sr. No. Subject
4.1 Open Source Libraries & Management
4.2 Cloud Infrastructure and Services
4.3 Application Support Function & ITIL certification
4.4 Software Testing
4.5 Analytics & Social Media
4.6 Interdisciplinary Course – IV
4.7 Internship
Semester – V
Sr. No. Subject
5.1 Python
5.2 AI Technoligies
5.3 UI Design
5.4 Preperation & acquiring Sun Certification
5.5 Software Design
5.6 Interdisciplinary Course – IV
Semester -VI
Sr. No. Subject

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Discretionary Quota

Few Seats are reserved for Discretionary Quota Seats. Only students with the high academic record are considered for Discretionary Quota Seats. The fees for Discretionary Quota Seats will be double the Academic fees for Indian Students to be paid to the University.

Note: Program shall commence ONLY subject to sufficient student enrollment.

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