B.Sc in Digital Filmmaking

BBA in Digital Filmmaking

Digital Filmmaking is a fine art that revolves round the method of conceptualizing a story, scriptwriting, directing, shooting, audio recording, lighting, editing, production and screening. The film is a medium through which the director conveys his message to the mass. The filmmaker/ director should be a painter who induces his ideas on the canvas of the film. It is, however, a simple way to communicate with the mass. On the opposite hand, films or movies serve the purpose of entertainment and is very popular as an art form.

Over the years, the process of filmmaking has gone through several changes, since technology has incorporated new improved tools like camera, digital printing machines etc. into filmmaking. It has become an attractive career option with bright future prospects. This course provides an excellent opportunity to learn art of filmmaking along with its nuances and nitty-gritty. It puts equal stress on both theoretical knowledge and practical training. It also provides hands-on training on all aspects of film making, namely: photography, sound recording, lighting, editing, production controlling etc.

The program offers a wide range of specializations, prominent among them are:

  • Film Production
  • Script Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Creative Design
  • Advertising Film Making
  • Digital Photography

Training in the above field will equip the students with the required skills for the Production House. Apart from that the students will be required to undergo industrial internships of 4-6 months in various production houses. This will make the students ready for their job and freelance career in the industry.

The nature of the program is such that in most of the courses the student has to practice the art either individually or in a group/team for example photography or script writing or direction. Lectures cum demonstrations sessions of leading Film makers and technical experts will be arranged to give exposure to the students to the end to end spectrum of Film Making. This will also give them an opportunity to learn directly from the maestros.

The students will be required to undergo training in leading production houses and Ad Agencies/Digital Media Houses for a duration of 4-6 months for gaining hands on experience of various aspects of script writing, pre-production, production and post-production.

As Filmmakers, graduates have the best professional qualifications and skills for a wide range of professional activities in the field of Advertising and Movie Production, as well as in the diverse forms of in-house Media agencies. They can also work as freelancers and take various projects across the entire spectrum of Ad Film Making, Corporate Videos presentations.

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