B.Sc in Fashion Designing

B.Sc in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a very popular field of study among those students who have a creative bend of mind. There are various fashion designing courses that one can choose depending on one’s interests and education requirements.

From the past few years, fashion design has become more of a necessity. It has come to take over one’s consciousness to the extent that whatever one buys or wears today should definitely make a fashion statement.  As the fashion industry is developing in every aspect, courses/programs related to fashion have also emerged and made its place in the academic field. Today there are many Fashion Design programs at UG and PG levels. These programs groom students according to the requirements of the fashion world. Students get to learn a lot about fashion designing, textile industries, fashion management and other such things.

Fashion Designing is a specialized program that covers the wide spectrum of fabrics, styles, patterns, colours and trends that define the fashion of a particular era. It is not just limited to clothes and trends but also includes upholstery accessories like handbags and footwear.

  • Intense training and mentoring by acclaimed designers and professionals
  • Practical hands on training, professional grooming
  • Unmatched platforms to showcase the talent and build a great career
  • State of the art infrastructure in the campus
  • Technically enabled classroom and library with updated text books of fashion design
  • Garment Construction Lab, Computer Lab and Textile Lab to be used as application centers imparting practical knowledge.
  • Workshops and Seminars from experienced fashion designers from the industry.

Fashion design has come a long way from the mere art of designing clothes. It has evolved into a full-fledged industry and is now considered a highly desirable career worldwide.

Nowadays, apparel & footwear is not simply designed based on colour or style choices but also on function, customers preferences and emerging trends. Innovative technologies and social media trends are transforming the fashion world at a faster pace than ever.

To keep pace with where the industry is going, here is our list of skills that a fashion designer will need in the future:

  • Good Drawing Skills
  • Creativity
  • Artistic Thinking
  • Innovative Skills
  • Observation skills to look for Detailing
  • Competitiveness
  • Good Communication Skills

All practical activities will be focused to upgrade the above mentioned skills in students. The students are required to engage in above activities in the workshops to hone their skills

Tie ups with industry:

  • Content delivery by industry experts
  • Projects in collaboration with industry
  • Internships to engage deeply in hands on real-life situations
  • Openings in various export houses
  • Openings in domestic production houses
  • Own ventures

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