Executive MBA (Engineering Management)

With technological challenges facing all industries at a global level, industry demand for engineers who can integrate tech skills with business acumen is increasing.

An Executive MBA in Engineering Management will teach engineers to apply management principals to the practice of engineering. The graduates of this program will fit seamlessly into today’s high-tech companies that need tech-savvy leaders for data-driven decision making and innovation-driven global strategy and growth.

Students of this program will be able to contribute in the cost reduction initiatives, quality improvement (rejection reduction), and driving innovation/incubation process.

Since Engineering degree is not a pre-requisite for general management program, students pass out with a non-tech education. However, an Engineering Management program will cover aspects related to systems engineering, industrial engineering, operations & operational research, management of technology, new product development and product planning, In addition, students, will learn how to lead technology projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies. Thus, this program prepares students to seek leadership roles in technology driven enterprises.

Graduate engineers with minimum 2 years of work experience. The program is ideal for engineers seeking technical leadership careers across diverse domains and sectors.

Operations/Supply Chain Engineers, Systems Engineer/Architect, Project/ Program Manager, Product Manager, Business/Financial/Data Analyst, Entrepreneur, Consultant (general, technical), Technical Lead/Manager, Applications/Sales Engineer.

Semester – I
Sr. No. Subject
1 Statistical Methods & Research Methodology
2 Legal Aspects of Business
3 Financial Issues for Engineers
4 Project and Chance management
Semester – II
Sr. No. Subject
1 Marketing & customer relationship Management
2 Product & Project Management
3 Management Information Systems
4 Corporate social Responsibility and Business Ethics
 Semester – III
Sr. No. Subject
1 Operations Planning & Control
2 Logistics & Supply Chain Management
3 Quality Management
4 Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour
Semester – IV
Sr. No. Subject
1 Industrial Engineering
2 Business Excellence & Risk Managing
3 Strategic Manufacturing & Operations Management
Semester – V
Sr. No. Subject
1                             Capstone Project

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Discretionary Quota

Few Seats are reserved for Discretionary Quota Seats. Only students with the high academic record are considered for Discretionary Quota Seats. The fees for Discretionary Quota Seats will be double the Academic fees for Indian Students to be paid to the University.

Note: Program shall commence ONLY subject to sufficient student enrollment.

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