Blockchain Technology enables enterprises to record transactions in an open and distributed ledger. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin are some of the terms that are making waves all over the world. There is a tremendous requirement of Blockchain experts, consultants or developers in multiple industries as the need for seamless and secured transfer of digital ownership is increasing everywhere. This technology is an answer to secure records publicly.

Certificate Course in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is an introductory course for those aspirants who would like to kick start their career in the field of Blockchain or Cryptocurrency. It also introduces learners to bitcoin mining as well as platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Skills Acquired Include:

  • Block-chain Technologies.
  • Manage Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Bitcoin Mining strategies.
  • Ethereum and Hyper-ledger
  • 32 Hours (Week Day Classes).
  •  4 Weeks  – 4 Hrs/Weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Basic knowledge of writing and executing programs

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