Symbiosis Indore New trends and advances in Robotics
12 Jan 2019



An expert lecture on new trends and advances in Robotics followed by demonstration has been scheduled at 10.30 hrs on Saturday, 12th January 2019 by Mr. Aditya, CEO and founder of Nugenix.

The speaker, Mr. Aditya is the CEO and Founder of Nugenix. Nugenix is India partner for Kinova Robotics Canada for robotic arms, Clearpath Robotics Canada’s mobile robots and several other companies making robotics sensors. Nugenix does robot system integration and is also manufacturer of parallel robots and aerial robots. Nugenix has established robotics labs in corporate, defense labs and leading universities in India. Scientech Technologies Pvt Ltd with Nugenix now provide platforms for robotics learning and research for the graduate and post graduate levels in engineering colleges to speed up getting Robotics into Indian universities.

Aditya travels extensively in India and abroad to understand the Robotics Eco-system to bring the latest in robotics technology in India. Aditya is regularly invited at Robotics Conferences as a speaker to talk about new trends and advances in Robotics. His session covers the tools required for Robotics Research and Application development, and information of the latest Robotics Applications in Industries 4.0 and Service Robotics.

  • CEO and Founder of Nugenix

    Mr. Aditya

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