Symbiosis Indore Faculty

Dr. P. Manikandan



  • B.E (CSE) Bharathiyar University | M.E (CSE) Anna University | PhD(CSE) Anna University

Areas of expertise:

  • Data Mining | Machine Learning | Soft Computing | Data Structures


  • 20+ Years of Experience (Teaching & Industries)
  • 19 years of experience in teaching and 1.6 years of experience in industry.


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UGC Approved Journals

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  1. Title of the invention : Design of Autonomous 5D Arm Robot for

Industrial Application
Application No               : 202041007641
Published Date              : 28.02.2020

  1. Title of the invention : A Novel Block-Based Reinforcement Learning

Move Toward for Resource Allocation in Clustered IoT Networks
Application No               : 202041005374
Published Date              : 14.02.2020

  1. Title of the invention : Washbowl from E-Waste Materials

Application No               : 201841029579
Published Date              : 17.08.2018

  1. Title of the invention : Smart Door Locking System

Application No               : 201841018860
Published Date              : 1.06.2018

  1. Title of the invention : An Arrangement for Cultivation in a Chamber

Using Fuzzy Logic Wind Intelligence Technology
Application No               : 201741043835
Published Date              : 15.12.2017

Research Experience:

6+ Years in research experience. 3 consultancy project completed total cost of all together 10 lacks.


Happy to teach the students and good learner in current things, to do research, Published paper in reputed Journals and filed patents National and International.


  • providing an accessible, modern education in engineering and science for future, interdisciplinary leaders.
  • advancing knowledge through fundamental and applied research.
  • facilitating life-long learning and economic development.