The School of Interdisciplinary Sciences offers courses in Life-Coping Skills and Soft-Skills, to make the students more confident and fit for the practical problems they face in work and life. Besides this, the school also offers English language competency courses along with foreign language training.

Common modules of the School have been incorporated in all the courses at SUAS to enhance the employability of our students by providing them with critical life-coping skills essential for their survival and growth in the job market.

In the initial year, the modules include training encompassing all the four aspects of communication – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. And it also covers Phonetics – the quintessential of spoken communication.

In the latter part of the training, the students learn about themselves through the self-awareness module. They then move on the self-development through specific training on time, stress, money and anger management along with guidelines for problem-solving and decision making.

The course finally develops the professional competency skills of the students assisting them to enter the job market with apt training and confidence.

The students gain an exposure to the practical aspects of the above-mentioned training through well-established Language Labs and Behavior Sciences Lab.

Community College

To meet the skill requirement of the underprivileged sections of the society, the University will set up a Community College. This college is an alternative system of education which aims to empower individuals through appropriate skill development leading to gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and the community.

Community College will provide skill programs in regional trades relevant to the needs of the local community. Community College will offer easy access, flexibility in curriculum and teaching methodology, cost-effectiveness and equal opportunity to underprivileged, in collaboration with industry and the Community. The Community College also endeavor to meet the social needs and issues of the local community, providing internship and job placement within the local area and promote self-employment and small business development. The courses will focus on contextualization.

After quite a bit of discussion with people from industry and academics, it was found out that what makes a person incompetent for surviving in a job is not his lack of subject knowledge but a lack of the ability to deal with real-life issues that one faces at the job.

They involve Interpersonal problems with colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

Problems that one faces with his own skills in time management, decision making and critical thinking and more.

So to make an industry ready professional in the real sense of the word – we at the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences try to expose and train the students in facing real-life problems they would encounter forever in their life – whether they become an employee or an employer.

Interdisciplinary Sciences Symbiosis-Indore SIDSC-Chart

A report from Pay-scale – an American website which provides information about salary benefits and compensation information, points out that, in spite of their self-belief, fresh graduates lack certain key skills including both hard and soft skills (Strauss).

The details are as follows:

The Y-axis contains names of the skills that Managers experience as lacking in Fresh Graduates and the X-axis shows the percentage of employees lacking these skills.
Moreover, even UNICEF agrees that education inculcating problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills and life skills in all has an absolute trans-formative capacity.


Strauss, Karsten. “These Are The Skills Bosses Say New College Grads Do Not Have.”Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 20 May 2016. Web. 18 May 2018.

“The Big Picture.” UNICEF. N.p., 21 Apr. 2003. Web. 18 May 2018.

The Bouquet of Life-Skills Include

Communication Skills I and Conversation Skills

Communication Skills II and Writing Skills

Personal Enhancement Skills I and Self Awareness

Personal Enhancement Skills II & Self-Management Skills

Professional Competency Skills I (Basic/Fundamental)

Professional Competency Skills II (Advanced/Progressive)

In addition to this, the School also offers programs in:

Name of the Program Duration
German Language Level 1 35 Hours
French Language Level 1 35 Hours
Yoga 30 Hours