School of Mechatronics Engineering in Indore

Future of technological innovation will definitely involve multi-disciplinary expertise. Therefore mechatronics will definitely have huge scope in India. Very large and huge demand exists from large global enterprises and MNC in IT industry, Automation, Robotics, automotive, process industries, chemical industries, Medical-Electronics, aerospace and consumer products industries and in smaller innovative ‘high tech’ companies supplying software parts and equipment.
Mechatronic engineers may also be employed by product developers, manufacturing, mining or forestry industries, aerospace and defence, government and industry research groups.

School of Mechatronics Engineering in Indore

Mechatronics is a field of engineering that includes study with a combination of various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, telecommunication, control and computer engineering.
The aim of mechatronics is a design process that unifies all the above disciplines of engineering. Mechatronics industry employs engineers to design and develop equipment and technicians to maintain it.

B.Tech Mechatronics can find opportunities in automobile, manufacturing, production, gas and oil, mining, transport, defence, robotics, safety and quality, aerospace and aviation.

Army, the Navy and the Air force and organisations like the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). DRDO, Delhi, offers challenging opportunities for candidates with first-class degrees in Mechatronics engineering.

B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering 

  • The program will cover aspects related to designing of Mechatronics system, which requires integration of the mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering disciplines within an integrated framework. The curriculum for Mechatronics has been designed in consultation with the industry to ensure that the students would gain the knowledge on skill as a well as theory. The structure is design to build a strong foundation of Mathematics, Material Science, Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering. Each course within the program is modular and credit based. Learning outcomes and skill competency levels been clearly defined in each course curriculum. The Program structure allows multi-entry & multi-exit facility to students. The faculty is committed to offering an experience that will promote professional growth and prepare students for a variety of engineering careers, graduate and postgraduate studies, and continuing education.
  • Laboratory Infrastructure: Students of school of Mechatronics have an access to the variety of world-class lab equipment’s like Lucas Nuelle where the Industrial Automation and components including PLC, AC and DC Drives, Robotics, Mechatronics, Microprocessor, DSP, Electrical Machine Lab helping the student to get familiarized with the Industrial Automation and their functions. Apart from these, students will be exposed to Basic workshop, thermodynamics lab, material testing lab, design and dynamics lab, the theory of mechanism lab and heat-mass transfer lab for enhancing the skill under Mechatronics.
  • Students are also given a flavour of quality engineering, automatic product development, manufacturing processes which have become key factors in the successful execution of products in the industrial environment. Overall the course is structured in a way to give a well-rounded knowledge and practical training to the student on which he can build further and become a valuable contributor in the professional world.

Duration: Four Years

Course Duration

– Short term (15 hrs equivalent to 1 credits)
– Long Term (60 hrs Equivalent to 3 credits)

Eligibility – Depending on the level of courses a Person from industry / institute/ university/ school having 10th 12th ITI, Engineering diploma, Graduates, postgraduates and higher is eligible.

  • Certificate course on CNC Machines
  • Certificate course on Robotics
  • Certificate course on 3-D printing
  • Certificate Course on Automobile / Vehicle Electronics
  • Certificate Course on Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Certificate course on MATLAB
  • Certificate course on Microprocessor and DSP
  • Certificate course on Control Engineering
  • Certificate course on Hydraulic and Pneumatics
  • Certificate course on PLC Programming

Credit Transfer – After the completion of the Certificate courses, student
can get their credit transferred for the credit earned during the course
when they enroll for diploma or degree program at SUAS Indore.

* Contact University for course fee details.

The state of art training systems and education equipment are being installed from Germany. Lucas Nulle, pioneer for the development, manufacture of high quality training and education equipment for last 40 years, has extended their boundary for installing these training equipment into the University for imparting the skill to the aspirant.

These specially designed training equipment for enhancing the skill of the students are being mapped meticulously with theory.

The Basic Electronics Lab, Basic Electrical Lab, Advance Electronics Lab are already in functioning. The Automation Lab, DSP and Microprocessor Lab will be added soon.

Apart from this electronics laboratory students will be exposed to Basic workshop, thermodynamics lab, material testing lab, design and dynamics lab, theory of mechanism lab and heat-mass transfer lab for enhancing the skill under Mechatronics.

  • Passed 10+2 examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects namely Chemistry / Biotechnology / Biology / Technical Vocational subject. Obtained at least 45% marks (40% in case of candidate belonging to reserved category) in the above subjects taken together.
  • Candidates aspiring to join B.Tech programs offered by Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) have to appear for the Symbiosis Skills Universities (SSU) Entrance Test.
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NRI / International Students
A candidate who has completed XII (10+2) or equivalent examination from any Foreign Board must obtain an equivalence certificate from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). All foreign qualifications need to be verified by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) by the candidate before seeking provisional admission to any programme of Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences. In order to promote International understanding between Indian and Foreign students, Symbiosis has reserved 5% seats for NRIs/International students in every division.

Name of the Faculty Designation Area of Expertise Experience
Dr Binit Kumar Jha Professor & Dean  CAM, CNC Machine, Manufacturing 25 years
Dr Yogesh Pandya Associate Professor Machine Design, Vibration Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis, Dynamic Modelling, Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Electronics, Finite Element Methods 15 years
Dr Keshav Patidar Associate Professor High gain DC-DC converters, PWM DC-AC converters, Modelling of converters and controller design 10 years
Dr Ravi Shankar Mishra Associate Professor Low power VLSI design, VLSI Design and Device Modelling, Microstrip patch antenna designing, Mixed-Signal Design, CAD for VLSI, IC fabrication technology and device characterization 15 years
Dr Mamta Thakur Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 18 years
Dr Sonu Sen Assistant Professor Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interaction, Nonlinear Propagation, Quantum Theory 12 years
Dr Jitendra K. Sharma Assistant Professor  Differential Equations and Numerical Techniques 11 years
Dr Satyendra Sharma Assistant Professor Automobile Engineering, Service Quality, Theory of Machines, Manufacturing Technology 20 years
Dr Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor Heat transfer, Heat exchanger, nanofluids, thermal and fluid engineering. 7 years
Dr Manish Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor Biomedical Physics, Biomedical Electronics, VLSI, smart grid/smart meter problems, sports techniques, Cryptography, Waste Management, and Microelectronics 7 years
Dr Jai Bahadur Balwanshi Assistant Professor Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation Techniques, Thermal & Design, Engineering Graphics 14 years
Mr Punit Mishra Assistant Professor Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Exergy. 12 years
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S.N.    Investigator Name RESEARCH  PROJECT NAME         GRANTS IF ANY/ Sponsored Agency


1 Dr. Yogesh Pandya


Noise control of HVAC System

As a co-investigator

AIMIL Ltd. Mumbai / IIT Indore
2 Dr. Yogesh Pandya


Vibration measurement and reduction of Philips JMG As a co-investigator Philips India Ltd. /IIT Indore
  • S.N. Name of Industry Sector
    3 AVTEC Limited automotive transmission
    5 JCB India Limited Automobile/ Automation
    6 LUCAS-NULLE Training Consultant
    7 Mahindra Two wheelers Automobile
  • S.N. Name of Industry No. of Students
    3 JCB India Limited 3
    4 Mahindra two wheelers 2
    5 AVTEC Limited 3
    6 International Automotive Components(IAC) 2

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