13 Oct 2019

Academic Tour at NSE, BSE & MCX

Academic Tour at NSE, BSE & MCX by MBA – III SUAS -Indore

The Students of management at Symbiosis University were taken for educational tour at NSE, BSE, MCX, and Reserve Bank Museum in Mumbai. The Vice-Chancellor of Symbiosis University of Applied Science – Indore, Dr. Sanjay Kumar addressed the students before the visit and explained the importance of all types of stock exchanges and their importance. He emphasized that all the economic indicators like GDP growth rate, inflation, repo rate etc. of the country’s economy were linked to the index of the stock exchange and discussed the main economic policies in detail. Students learned the new techniques used in the stock market and learned nuances of trading. At Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Students were informed about new business opportunities in the future and also gave exposure about the proportion of different industries in the SENSEX list. At the BSE students learnt about the ‘Intraday Trading’ & ‘Delivery base trading’, ‘Risk on Intraday trading, and also, learnt the selection process of BSE-(top) 30 companies and investment strategies have been discussed at BSE.

At the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the students were informed about the trading terminal and how the shares are fixed. They also learnt how to buy and sell shares online through the trading terminal and role of the brokers in share market. Students also learnt about the futures & Option and strategies for F&Os. Students informed about how NSE, BSE and MCX are affected by world stock exchange, supply of foreign currency and crude oil to the national GDP and at Indian stock market. At the Reserve Bank Museum, students learned about Stone Age coins, notes, and the history of the Reserve Bank.

The students of the Symbiosis University of Applied Science, Indore, also visited the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), and learnt about the pricing policies of various products like ‘gold, cotton, copper’, etc. of the exchange, and explained the policies of the trading and futures & options.