AWS Cloud Services and DevOps
30 Apr 2022

AWS Cloud Services and DevOps

“Cloud Computing is the third wave of the digital revolution” and keeping the importance of Cloud computing knowledge for students in mind, the School of Computer Science and IT in association with IEI Student Chapter SUAS, organized an expert-driven session focused on cloud computing and DevOps on 29th April 2022.

The expert for this session, Dr Bhushan Jadhav is an Associate Professor in the Department of AI and Data Science at Thadomal Sahani Engineering College, Mumbai. Dr Bhushan has conducted over 120 seminars, expert sessions, and hands-on workshops across various universities across India and is an expert in AWS Cloud Services and DevOps tools.

The session started in SUAS Auditorium with the welcome speech and felicitation of the guest by the Director of SCSIT, Dr Dipti Patil. After the felicitation ceremony, Dr Bhusan Jadhav addressed the audience about the emerging trends in Cloud Computing, giving them in-depth knowledge about cloud computing and its basics. He then turned his focus toward one of the major game-changers in the field of Cloud Computing – Amazon Web Services. He explained that Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. Dr Bhushan also gave a brief introduction to the students about DevOps and tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.

After the expert talk session, the students headed over to the computer centre for the hands-on practical session on AWS Services and Docker. Firstly, Dr Bhushan instructed the students on how to set up their AWS accounts under the free-tier category to get free service benefits for an entire year.

After setting up the free-tier account he explained various cloud services that AWS offers such as Amazon EC2, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS Lambda, etc. The students created virtual machine instances (Ubuntu, Windows, Debian, etc.) on the cloud and accessed them via their laptops and mobile phones.

Next, he guided the students in creating a fully functional static website using Storage Buckets, Lightsail and WordPress. The students also cleared their queries that arose during the session as Dr Bhushan provided the perfect solution to their problems.

The post-lunch hands-on session was focused on Docker and how you can create OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Dr Bhushan explained how most of the software development in the industry today, occurs in the form of containers that are lightweight and easy to deploy.

With the deployment of Docker services, this expert session concluded. Dr Dipti Patil extended her regards to Dr Bhushan Jadhav for sparing his valuable time for the students of CSIT and providing them with the right theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of Cloud Computing & DevOps. Dr Bhushan was overwhelmed by such passionate students and he wished to conduct more sessions for the students in the future.

Thus, another successful event came to an end in the history of CSIT, leaving the students with fascinating opportunities to be explored using their newfound knowledge in the field of cloud computing.