11 Feb 2020

Books Exhibition 2020

Library Department has organized two days books exhibition on 10 & 11 Feb, 2020 in lush green courtyard of Symbiosis University campus. Readers world importers and library suppliers from Mumbai has displayed unique collection of books of various renowned publishers in Management, Technology and general books of latest editions.
Objectives of exhibition: To encourage students’ fraternity to read more and more books rather than using mobiles and internet for their studies.
• Books are perfect friends. It doesn’t need network or energy to operate nor it produce harmful effects on eyes and mind.
• Books help us to increase our imaginative and creative abilities.
The inaugural ceremony started with a short play “Sachha Mitra” in five parts delivering a message to students to make books their real companion instead of relying on smart devices and facing health issues and other problems.
Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr Sanjay Kumar expressed his views on importance of books in life and inaugurated the books exhibition with ribbon cutting ceremony