Effect of COVID-19 on Capital Market
26 Jun 2021

Effect of COVID-19 on Capital Market

On the 26th of June 2021, Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, School of BFSI department conducted a webinar on the Effect of COVID – 19 on the capital markets.

The webinar started with the introduction of the speaker. She started the webinar by discussing the behavior of Sensex before the covid situation had arisen. She then discussed the demand pattern for the defensive sectors such as FMCG during the pandemic and the impact on the pharma sector post the COVID 19 pandemic.

The speaker also tried to teach everyone how their wealth would have multiplied had they invested their money at the beginning of the pandemic. She also talked about the recent news headlines such as the RBI’s comment on the bubble being created in the economy. The discussion then moved on to various topics e.g. why ITC’s share has been stagnant over the past few years and the fall in Reliance’s share prices during the AGM.

After discussing all this, she moved on to discuss the controversy between Sucheta Dalal’s tweet and the share price fall in the Adani Group. She responded to all those queries sincerely and enthusiastically. Post that, she also provided tips to the students as to how one should approach intraday trading despite their busy schedules.

The question-answer session was extremely wonderful which went on for a whopping 45 minutes. The students kept on asking her back–to–back questions and even she found it interesting to answer each one of them.

The webinar was insightful and students appreciate this very much. The speaker was also extremely knowledgeable and answered all the queries patiently. The event was coordinated by Dr. Kapil Shrimal, a Faculty member of SBFSIM.