Entrepreneurship workshop
23 Dec 2021

Entrepreneurship Workshop 2021

A three-day Entrepreneurship workshop was organized by the School of Retail Management and School of Banking Financial Sevices and Insurance Management which was sponsored by Gurukripa Tarpaulins Private Limited and Honey Makhija Rice.

The Event started with Floral welcoming to guests by our HOS of Retail Management Dr Siddharth Bajpai and HOS of BFSIM Dr Abhishek Tripathi and gave an insightful knowledge about entrepreneurship.

On the first day of the workshop Mr Sista Srinivasa Murthy, a professional life coach and motivational speaker were invited. He has made the audience understand and believe that the limit is in the mind and it’s not external if we have that dedication and discipline in ourselves. Also, he spoke about Conditioning and Modification of the mind which was very helpful. He interacted with the audience very well and the session was full of engagement and learning.

In the second session Mr Anshul Agrawal, Director, MDPH- Zed Black was invited to share his success story of becoming a young entrepreneur. He made everyone realise that Entrepreneur has to face many ups and downs but the thing that keeps them in position is their own dedication and consistent learning.

Mr Nipun Agrawal, Director PATH  India Limited was also invited to encourage the students and motivate them to follow entrepreneurial paths. In his speech, he talked about the mantras of doing business and how risk-taking ability is important for an entrepreneur.

In the end, Mr Utkarsh Trivedi, Vice- President, Behemoth Techtex moderated a question and answer round between Mr Anshul Agrawal and Mr Nipun Agrawal. He asked questions to both the keynote speakers about their entrepreneurial journey. He also shared his thoughts about failures in start-ups and how one can learn from them.

On the second day, our first Guest speaker was Mr Vijay Chourey who is a district Coordinator at CEDMAP have given very insightful Information related to MSME schemes. He introduced us to Start Up India and Stand Up India. Altogether the session was very informative for the students. He explained the registration process and different schemes that are available for startups and schemes that are for traditional Businesses.

In the second session, the Guest Speaker Mr Vaibahv Saklecha who is a Chartered Accountant and experienced Business Financing Professional guided us with various financing opportunities for starting up a business and also made us aware of the current schemes and trends for starting up the venture.

On the third day Ms Aashni Basin owner of Cloud Kitchen and Ketley- The modern tapri, was our first guest of the session shared her experience in Hotel Management Industry. She explained about her promotion strategy and working off her Cloud kitchen.

Ms Surbhi Manocha Chaudhary who is a Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and also Founder of Bharat ki Beti Foundation, has also shared her life experience with us. Her life journey has inspired many women along with men. She explained that one should not be scared of making decisions for themselves apart from the existence of various restrictions, Stereotypical views and societal norms. Till now women face male domination in the corporate world. Being an entrepreneur opens the way to show that women can and will always stand out. She also told her journey from divorce to getting remarried and then from working from HSBC to Yes Bank to ICICI Foundation and participating in the elections of Yashwant Culb, Indore. She also shared about the Bharat ki Beti foundation working for women to use menstrual cups.

Our Last session of the workshop was a panel discussion on the topic ‘Entrepreneurship vs. Higher Studies vs. Family business’ in which our Speakers were Mr Hemant Suri who is Owner of Omni Group, Mr Mayur Sethi who is Founder and CEO at Yellowdigi, Ms Sonal Sisodia Principal of Daly College of Business Management and Mr Siddharth Singh Principal of the Emerald Heights International School. The Panel Discussion was Moderated by HOS of Retail Management Dr Siddharth Bajpai. The Panel discussion was interactive and every speaker gave there on the topic and through this session, students got very insightful Information and also acted as a guide for them for the future. The speakers raised the question that how we can incorporate working on our business along with continuing our studies. Higher education sharpens our minds and also helps in maturity to handle business. How we can give quality education and choose the right education. Also, Mr Siddharth Singh spoke about how the major per cent of Indian students doesn’t get the proper MBA training and thus remain unemployed even after having an MBA degree. Also, there is a pressure that if we carry our family business, we need to maintain and do more for our legacy so that we can maintain it and not harm the name for same. Also, the speakers believed that sometimes the education system can be harmful to the young mindsets.

In the end, HOS of Retail Management Dr Siddharth Bajpai and coordinator of the event Dr Yogiat Mandhanya presented a vote of thanks to every Guest.