13 Nov 2021

Expert Talk – Recent Trends and Challenges in Marketing

School of Retail Management organised an Expert Session on 13th November 2021 on the topic ‘Recent trends and Challenges in Marketing’ focusing upon the preparatory path students to take in from the beginning of their career. Ms. Shally Agrawal working as Risk Analyst at American Express and a Post Graduate from IIM Calcutta was the expert for the session. She discussed her journey and life experiences in the beginning. She also focused upon the do and don’ts as a marketing student. She guided the students to be more creative, communicative and always have a problem solving approach in any situation. Creativity and Research are more demanded in this new world focusing upon team building, leadership, fundamentals, values, integrity as well. Multitasking is the new buzzword. She concluded her session by discussing how students should prepare themselves for facing the interviews.