16 Feb 2020

Guest Lecture by Mr. Amber Arondekar

This was a wonder in itself. If we start defining the experience in words, a motivation, a spirit to fight back the problems, a new breathe to start a new idea and overall an outlook to realize oneself as an entrepreneur and a visionary was the motive behind the session.

It started with chasing the words for the self and defining the meaning and then how to set a positive collaboration between dream, desires and work.

Further moving, a deep-down session to theories like transactional analysis, marshmallow theories and a lot more were taken on with real-life experience for a better understanding of how to deal with work and its related issues.

An insight into Indian mythology Bhagwat Gita and the teaching of Krishna to Arjun were explained to have patience and consistency for efforts.

It was a delightful session and a wonderful learning chapter.