04 Mar 2023



The Hyperledger Fabric Development workshop conducted at the university was a hands-on training session aimed at providing students and participants with practical knowledge on how to develop and deploy blockchain applications using Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain platform. The workshop was led by Mr. Adtiya Joshi (Senior Engineer, Walmart India) and an experienced developer who have expertise in blockchain technology and Hyperledger Fabric development. The session may have covered topics such as the basics of blockchain technology, the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric, smart contract development, and how to use the Hyperledger Fabric SDK to build blockchain applications.

 Expert Session by Aditya Joshi:

A talk on Hyperledger Fabric development typically covers the key concepts and practices involved in building decentralized applications using this open-source blockchain platform. The speaker may begin by introducing the audience to the basics of blockchain technology and its significance in today’s world, highlighting the advantages and limitations of using blockchain for enterprise use cases.

Aditya then delve into the architecture and components of Hyperledger Fabric, explaining the role of each component in the network, and how they work together to ensure security, scalability, and confidentiality. They may also discuss the different types of nodes in the network, such as peers, orderers, and clients, and their respective roles in executing transactions.

The speaker will likely focus on the development aspect of Hyperledger Fabric, discussing topics such as setting up the development environment, creating and deploying chaincode, writing and executing transactions, and implementing access control mechanisms. They may also discuss how to integrate Hyperledger Fabric with external systems and databases, and provide insights into the best practices for developing efficient and secure applications on the platform.

Throughout the talk, the speaker may use real-world examples to illustrate the concepts and demonstrate the capabilities of Hyperledger Fabric. They may also engage with the audience, answering questions and encouraging discussions on the challenges and opportunities of developing decentralized applications using this platform.

Topics covered during a Hyperledger Fabric Development workshop:

  1. Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  2. Overview of Hyperledger Fabric architecture and components
  3. Setting up the development environment for Hyperledger Fabric
  4. Building a simple Hyperledger Fabric network
  5. Understanding chaincode development and deployment
  6. Writing and executing transactions using chaincode
  7. Implementing access control in Hyperledger Fabric
  8. Deploying and managing a real-world Hyperledger Fabric network
  9. Integration of Hyperledger Fabric with external systems and databases
  10. Hyperledger Fabric security and identity management

Vote of Thanks:

The talk was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Dr. Hemraj Lamkuche, who praised Mr. Aditya Joshi for his valuable insights and the informative session. He thanked the speaker for sharing his expertise with the audience and shedding light on cybersecurity’s importance.


In conclusion, a talk on Hyperledger Fabric development aims to equip developers and blockchain enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills required to build robust, scalable, and secure blockchain applications on this platform. It provides a valuable opportunity to learn from experts in the field and network with like-minded professionals.