Industrial Visit for the students
30 Jan 2020

Industrial Visit at Rani Press Pvt. Ltd.

The School of BFSI, Symbiosis University of Applied Science, organized the Industrial Visit for the students of MBA & BBA Semester II to Rani Press Pvt. Ltd. Indore on 30th January 2020.

The objective of Visit: The visit is organized so that the students learn about project management, process flow, human resource accounting and operating part of a manufacturing unit.

The visit to Rani Press Pvt. Ltd. was an excellent learning experience for the BBA & MBA (BFSI) II SEM students as they have learned a lot of things related to their subjects and had a new exposure towards printing industry along with the process of manufacturing of packaging material.

It is Central India’s largest offset printing & packaging company. The company has over 150 employees with a building area of 50000 sq.ft. It manufactures folded cartons, corrugated cartons, leaflets, pack inserts, leaflets, labels, flyers, brochures, calendars, etc.

Mr Johar, Owner & Director welcomed the staff & students. For the floor visit, the students were divided into three batches for better understanding of the manufacturing unit. The shop floor managers explained the elements of cost, revenue and profit generation with their process of packaging. Students were also oriented practically towards how the volume of production affects the cost of production.

The company’s pricing strategies for its clients for effective market penetration was also discussed and how the pricing plays an important role.

The emphasis was also on how Client’s response to pricing and positioning strategies makes the Press make packaging in different ways and in different quantity & quality.

The students learned the Producers role in managing the working capital requirement by providing quality packaging. Issues like the requirement of funds, Govt. subsidies, and environmental issues have also conversed.