20 Nov 2019

Industrial Visit at Systango

With reference to being a leading educational institute of India, We believe to run institute with industry exposure. Whatever we teach to our students as per syllabus, we just won’t show it practically. This Industrial Visit is the eminent example of the same.

Systango is a web and mobile development software studio headquartered in London with a development centre in India and business offices in US and Australia. Our students of 1st year were lucky to visit Systango, Indore centre and fulfilled their objective of technical learning through industry interaction.

Objective of Visit

This Educational Tour, an extraordinary program, that aims at raising the aspiration levels of students. This event focuses on the advances of Mobile Development, Web Development, IoT, Big Data, Enterprise Apps and Artificial Intelligence and how students can learn from it. This was one day program that has provided exposure to students to the best in class learning environment and techniques.

This helps students to identify their hidden talents and awaken their potential to excel in the trending word. Interaction with senior tech leads and HR Managers exposed the students to the current trends in the IT field. The faculty members will also be better equipped to prepare their students for their future roles.

 Exposure to Students

This event let the student explore their calibre to open their views on various aspects. There were Q&A sessions of Technology Stacks like AR/VR, AI, ML, MEAN-MERN Stack with our students. Few Tech Leads have given a small demonstration of their work to get a real insight into Industry. Such demonstration and discussion lead to a fruitful outcome for our students.

 Faculty Participation

This explored the recent trends of technology where faculty could update their knowledge in-terms of teaching developments. This would also benefit us in carving the niche for the organisation, as well themselves.

 Overview of Industrial Visit

On very nice Monday-Tuesday morning of 18th-19th Nov 2019 journey started with full excitement and passion from SUAS Campus to Crystal IT Park. All students were delighted by the only glance of Crystal IT park and Systango. The company is located at 3rd and 4th Floor of Crystal IT Park. Mr Anshuman Thakur, Sr HR, has explained the structure of center and how it works.

An event started with questionnaires of burning issues of IT Industry that described its own journey from the establishment to till now. Mr Anshuman Thakur gave information regarding Company Profile and Industry requirements as a Sr HR. They have provided information regarding their ongoing projects and technology stack which they are currently using. Mr Pallav Boonlia, Director of Engg., has given the opening talk of technical sessions which was set to ignite thoughts of students. Mr Vaibhav Gurunani and Mr Sumeet Singhal (Sr. Engineer) has demonstrated several projects along with brief understandings.