11 Oct 2023

Industrial Visit (Hotwax, Indore (Madhya Pradesh))


On October 11, 2023, students of the Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) program at Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore, had the opportunity to visit HotWax Systems in Indore. The visit aimed to provide students with a real-world perspective of a technology company and gain insights into software development and community management. Ms. Garima Badera, the Community Manager at HotWax Systems, hosted the visit and provided valuable insights into the company’s operations.

The visit to HotWax Systems was organized as part of the curriculum for the CSIT program. Dr. Indrajeet Kumar, the program coordinator from the university, accompanied the students to ensure a smooth and informative visit. HotWax Systems, a renowned software development company, specializes in delivering open-source enterprise solutions and software services.

The visit began at 10:30 AM with a warm welcome by Ms. Garima Badera, Community Manager at HotWax Systems. She introduced the company and its core areas of expertise, emphasizing the importance of open-source software development in today’s technology landscape.

Ms. Badera presented an overview of HotWax Systems, highlighting the company’s mission, vision, and key projects. She explained how HotWax Systems has gained recognition in the industry by providing scalable and innovative solutions for businesses.

The students had the opportunity to understand the software development process at HotWax Systems. Ms. Badera discussed the Agile methodology, continuous integration, and the use of open-source technologies such as Apache OFBiz. The company’s commitment to high-quality code and rigorous testing was emphasized.

Given her role as Community Manager, Ms. Badera provided valuable insights into how HotWax Systems actively engages with the open-source community. She explained the significance of community involvement and contributions in the success of open-source projects.

A lively and interactive Q&A session followed the presentations, allowing the students to ask questions and gain deeper insights into various aspects of software development and community management.

The industry visits to HotWax Systems provided students with several valuable takeaways:

Real-World Perspective: Students gained practical insights into software development and community management in a professional environment.

Importance of Open Source: The visit underscored the significance of open-source technology and the impact it can have on businesses and communities.

Agile Methodology: Students learned about Agile development processes and continuous integration as effective approaches in software development.

Community Engagement: Understanding the importance of community engagement and contribution in the open-source ecosystem.

Networking Opportunities: The visit facilitated networking opportunities and interactions with industry professionals.

The visit to HotWax Systems was both educational and inspiring for the students of CSIT at Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore. It offered a unique chance to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application, providing them with a broader perspective on software development and community engagement. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Garima Badera and the entire HotWax Systems team for their warm hospitality and valuable insights.

Visit Coordinator (University)

Dr. Indrajeet Kumar

Assistant Professor

(School of CSIT)

Industry Representative

Ms. Garima Badera

Community Manager

(Hot Wax Systems)