27 Nov 2019

Industrial Visit Prestige Foods Ltd

As we all know that Industry holds the capability to create recreate and to germinate the ideas of the young and aspiring minds. In the same view, an industrial tour to PRESTIGE FOODS LTD was organized on 27th of November for MBA executive aspirants. The tour to a factory visit starts with an introduction that it deals with the soybean oil extraction and the food products like soya chunks, soya feed for cattle.

The first thing that the process starts is with the inbound of the soybean and the lab tests of the sample and the lot. The main focus is to understand the oil and other contents so that further treatment could be done on the same to maintain the percentage of fat, protein etc. After the material has been unloaded it goes to the cleaning section, where all the impurities and other particles such as dust, stones and grass could be removed. Its washed and then forwarded to the flakes making section.

The second process is making of the soya flakes, which is done by adding a moisture content to soften the soya seeds. Then it’s forwarded to the oil extraction centre. This zone is marked as highly inflammable as the flakes are pre-crushed and then mixed with Hexane (white petrol) and hot water under high temperature, which separated the oil from the material and then the oil is forwarded to the refinery section, which is on the other side of the road. Here the left solid material is again tested to check the level of oil if left so that it could further be extracted. And then the solid left material is then used to make soya chunks and soya feed. This factory holds the credit for zero waste, as it uses each and every part of the soybean as food or cattle or manure. In the complete process a special thanks to Mr.Kapil Jain (COO), PRESTIGE INDUSTRIES .Mr. Pathak HR Manager Prestige Foods, as they made things so easy to understand.