visit to Panchmahal Amul Milk Packaging plant
25 Jan 2020

Industry Visit at Panchmahal Amul Plant

The visit to Panchmahal Amul Milk Packaging plant was a beautiful learning experience to the BBA 2nd Semester students and students of MBA Executive Program as they have learned lot of things related to their subjects, especially marketing and logistics management.

Mr. Jayant Verma, Sales Incharge along with his deputy and the AMUL Marketing representation explained the role of proactive marketing in Amul Milk Packaging and Distribution system. Students learned the significance of Logistics and Supply chain management and its impact on Dairy Producers and consumer.

Mr. Jayant and his team also oriented the BBA 2nd Semester students and students of MBA Executive Program about various Components of milk product marketing mix. The marketing challenges in dairy industry were also discussed in detail.  The separate marketing and retail mix for Cooperative formats was the new thing the students learned.

Amul’s pricing strategies for target customer for effective market penetration was also discussed and how the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning plays an important role was also scrutinized.

The emphasis was also on how Consumer’s response to pricing and positioning strategies makes Amul to have packaging of milk in different ways and in different quantity.

The students learned the Producers role in initiating marketing by providing quality milk itself at initial phase. The role of Quality control and how Technology is used for initiating the consumer satisfaction at initial stage itself was also deliberated in Plants testing laboratory.

In all, the BBA RM thanked the management of Amul plant and the University for arranging the visit.​