24 Feb 2023

Industry Visit FrutX

About Company:
It is a multi-variety agro-food processing unit that manufactures aseptic pulp, paste, puree, and concentrates. They focus on delivering delectable, hygienic, safe, and long-shelf-life products, without adding any preservatives and killing harmful bacteria during the process.

The objective of the visit:
To provide industry exposure to the students specifically regarding the technology used by the company for human touch-free production.

Methodology to achieve the objective:
The visit was organized by the placement cell (Ms. Roshni Nagwanshi). Dr. Mamta Thakur and Dr. Yogita Mandhanya accompanied in the visit as faculty mentors for BBA LSCM and BBA RM, respectively. Following is the methodology adopted to achieve the objective of the visit.

  • Exhibited supply chain 4.0 in manufacturing.
  • Demonstration of automation in manufacturing.
  • Students connected their theoretical knowledge taught in the classroom with real-time industrial processes.
  • A question-answer session with industry professionals. Students effectively discussed the topics taught to them in the university with industry experts.
  •  A comprehensive discussion of both the faculty with the industry experts.


  • Students can relate their theory curriculum with real-time industrial applications.
  • Enhancement of industry relationships and gainful inputs from the industry.