03 Oct 2019

Industry Visit- LiuGong India

Industrial Visit at LiuGong India Pvt. Ltd, Pithampur, District Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

On 3rd October 2019, the students of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences visited the LiuGong India Pvt. Ltd. On the arrival the students were briefed by LiuGong’s HR representative on LiuGong’s first product, Indian market penetration and Indore plant operations. Thereafter students proceeded towards plant visit where they were explained various operations like fabrication, assembly line procedures. Thereafter the students attended an interactive session in the presence of Mr. Satish Sumbria, AGM-HR and Mr. Paresh Agarwal, DGM-Finance. The topics relating to associated risks to the plant, Liugong’s current market standing, stock & sells, direct marketing approaches, product costing (ABC Method) and dealer relation management along with new customer procurement on the basis of parameters such as geographical location etc.

The Visit to LiuGong’s manufacturing plant, Indore was a value addition for students of BFSI as heavy constructions equipment manufacturing firms avail finances from banks, service the interest and generate revenue to cover their debt.