24 Sep 2019

Industry Visit at Sanchi Dairy

MBA (BFSI) and BBA (BFSI) first semester students of School of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore visited the Sanchi Dairy plant, Indore which is one of the most influential dairy organizations. This visit was a jaw-dropping experience for many of the students. During the visit, they not only interacted with the senior authorities in the company but also attended an interesting presentation on the profile and functioning of the company. The student’s thoroughly understood the nuances of different products manufactured by the plant and its significance globally. The company elects its chairman from the krishi sang through elections to ensure prompt decision making as a farmer who has worked in the field realizes the importance and complexity of a farmer on field now. Sanchi being a cooperative society helps its contributing farmers through schemes and subsidies provided by the government and its funding via NABARD. A big hearty thank you to Mr. Ashutosh Dege for guiding the students during the visit through various processes undertaken by the Manglia manufacturing plant, Indore.