27 Feb 2024

Online Workshop on Autonomous Drone building and Mission Planning


This session was specifically aimed at imparting practical knowledge related to building drones, understanding the calibration and mission planning of drone technology.

 Expert Speaker

Dr. Gurudayal Singh, an experienced faculty member from Chitkara University, renowned for his expertise in drone technology and its applications.

Workshop Overview

 Drone Assembly

  • Singh guided participants through a step-by-step process of assembling a drone.
  • Key insights were shared about the important considerations to be made during assembly for optimal performance.

Working of 10 Channels Remote

  • Introduction to the complexities of radio control (RC) systems used in drone operations.
  • Examining the capabilities and configurations of a 10-channel remote control, along with practical demonstrations.


Mission Planning for Autonomous Drone

  • Discussing the aspects of autonomous flight, and the use of mission planners.
  • Singh provided a walkthrough of Ardupilot, an open-source unmanned vehicle autopilot software suite.
  • Detailed explanation of how to set waypoints and configure flight parameters for various mission types.

Hands-On Engagement

  • Hands-on drone assembly complemented by an in-depth explanation of the function of each component.
  • Practical insights into how changes to remote controller settings can affect drone behavior.
  • Interactive session on mission planning for autonomous drones using the Ardupilot software, with demonstrations by the expert.


Dr. Singh’s workshop provided an enriching experience into the world of drones. Participants gained valuable hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge about the current state and future potential of drone technology.