30 Sep 2022

Oswal Denim and LAPP India (Narsingarh)

An industry visit was organized by the School of Retail Management to Narsingarh (Dist. Bhopal) on 28th and 29th of September 2022. BBA V and III semester students of the School of Retail Management SUAS went on an industrial tour to LAPP India Narsinghgarh, one of the biggest brands in the world in cables and connectors. They also visited Oswal Woollen Mills Narsingarh, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of denim during this visit. The experience gained by visiting two states of art manufacturing units was to enhance their practical understanding of processes, distribution, and operational elements. The Industrial tour was organized and coordinated by Dr. Yogita Mandhanya and Dr. Siddharth Bajpai of SRM.

  • Understand the manufacturing process in both companies
  • Strategy implementation
  • Explain Brand Element and its types
  • Explain the Strategies to manage the brand for a specific period
  • State the need for supply chain management, understand different phases of a supply chain, Identify the various processes of a supply chain, and Analyze the importance of the macro processes in a supply chain.
  • Identify the role of logistics service providers and able to assess changing role of buyer-seller relationships.
  • Co-relate retail logistics and SCM with real Industry Practices.