Col. Dina Nath Singh

  • Deputy Registrar ADMINISTRATION


  • Academic Qualifications BSC and MSC | Army Courses - Infantry Weapon & Ghatak Course | Technical Staff Officer Course | Junior Command & Senior Command courses

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership, Strategic planning, Operational excellence, and Cross-functional teaming, Mentoring, and grooming of junior leaders, Project and Program Management


A transformative leader with over 23 years of proven track record in leading high-intensity operations in the Indian Army. Experience includes personally leading operations in VUCA areas, Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Change Management, Budgeting, Planning and Execution of high-impact infrastructure projects/assignments and Steering Negotiations with a multitude of agencies to achieve positive organizational results.

As Commanding Officer of two major infantry units of the Indian Army, for a period of close to six years, was involved in mentoring and grooming a large pool of talented young officers in various spheres of functioning like improving power of expressions, both verbal and non-verbal, preparing for junior leadership roles, physical strengthening, weapon training and administrative skills to majorly include welfare of troops, logistics and supply


Sports, Outdoor Adventure Activities, and Mentoring Youth


To contribute in a meaningful manner so as to shape the next generation for making India a Leader in the world order