Quiz Competetion 3
21 Sep 2023

“Quiz Competition”

A Report On

Quiz Competition”

Organized by



Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore


In the presence of

Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra

Director School of CSIT


Program Coordinator

Ms. Shruti Jain


Dr. Devendra Chouhan

Assistant Professor

(School of CSIT)

Date: 21th September 2023


On the 21st of September 2023, the Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) ACM Chapter hosted a thrilling Quiz Competition. This intellectually stimulating event took place at the esteemed SUAS campus in Indore, and it was an exemplary initiative organized by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) community. The competition aimed to foster healthy competition, enrich the knowledge of participants, and promote a spirit of intellectual curiosity among students. The event was held under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra, Director of the School of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT).

The successful execution of the Quiz Competition was attributed to the dedication and hard work of the organizing team:

Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra: Dr. Mishra, the Director of the School of CSIT, played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth organization and execution of the event.

Ms. Shruti Jain, Dr. Devendra Chouhan: Ms. Shruti Jain and Dr. Devendra Chouhan, both Assistant Professors in the School of CSIT, assumed the roles of Program Coordinators. Their efforts in designing quiz questions, overseeing logistics, and ensuring the event’s success were commendable.

Dr. Neha Gupta: Dr. Neha Gupta, an Associate Professor in the School of CSIT, contributed significantly to the organization and coordination of the event.

The Quiz Competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of the School of CSIT and B.Sc (Data Science) program. The students were eager to demonstrate their knowledge and compete with their peers in a friendly yet intellectually challenging environment. The competition took place on the 21st of September 2023, commencing at 10:30 AM and concluding at 12:30 PM. The event was hosted in Seminar Hall 1 of the Engineering Block within the SUAS campus in Indore. The Quiz Competition featured a comprehensive range of topics related to data science, computer science, and information technology. The questions were carefully crafted to be both thought-provoking and challenging, encouraging participants to think critically and apply their knowledge effectively.

The Quiz Competition organized by SUAS-ACM at Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore, was a resounding success. It provided an excellent platform for students to showcase their knowledge and talents while fostering a spirit of healthy competition and learning. The event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the organizing team and the enthusiastic participation of the students.

Such initiatives play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience and nurturing intellectual curiosity among students. The School of CSIT at SUAS eagerly anticipates organizing more such events in the future to continue promoting academic excellence and innovation.

This event served as a testament to SUAS’s commitment to offering a holistic learning experience and creating opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra, Ms. Shruti Jain, Dr. Devendra Chouhan, Dr. Neha Gupta, and all the students who participated in and contributed to the success of the Quiz Competition. Your dedication and enthusiasm are truly commendable.