Reinventing the future
24 Aug 2022

Reinventing the future

The event is a Five Cities Knowledge Base Manufacturing Think Turf that provides a platform for manufacturing professionals to present the innovative ideas they have implemented in their organizations. The event covered innovative ideas from manufacturing industries under five categories:  Safety, Sustainability, Technology, Quality Development, People Empowerment, and Cost Optimization.

There are two category of participation; Industry and academic organizations

The companies participated in the event are; Sun Pharmaceuticals, Volvo Eischer Powertrain, SRF, Bridgestone, Cummins, BALCO, VECV and CASE

IIT Indore and Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences Indore are the only two academic institutes participated in the event. The event was attended by Dr. Mamta Thakur with six B.Tech Mechatronics students.

Jurry members are Mr. SN Sastry President and Unit Head Aditya Birla Group, Mr Atul Kansal Vice president, Prof.  Santosh Sahu IIT Indore and Prof. Neelesh Jain

The objective of the event is to provide a common platform to connect industries with the academic organizations of international standards.

The event started with the registration of the attendees and participant (Free of cost) at 9:30 followed by Tea and breakfast.

  1. The event started with the opening keynote address delivered by Mr. Sastry on Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 followed by presentations from participant companies.
  2. Team 1: SUN pharma presented on the “Cost optimization methods adopted in their HR practices”.
  3. Team 2: Volvo Eischer Powertrain presented on “Logistics cost optimization for India to Europe sea flow”.
  4. Keynote address by Mr. Atul Kansal
  5. Team 3:SRF innovation was based on “Conversion of non usable BOPET material into usable form”.
  6. Team 4: Bridgestone innovation was based on “CO2 emission reduction from 2011 to 2023”.
  7. Cummins exhibited their “Environmental sustainability measures, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing practices”.
  8. Lunch
  9. Team 6: SUN pharma spot lighted on their “Quality shop floor improvement and reduction in MTTR.”
  10. Team 7: BALCO presented their in house developed “Integrated hot metal and furnace planning system based on RFID technology”.
  11. Team 8: VECV presented the practices adopted by them to become “Best and preferred suppliers all over the world”
  12. Team 9: Bridgestone developed “People initiatives Health and Ergonomics”
  13. Team 10: Cummins highlighted their Industry 5.0 culture “Reinventing the future :people empowerment”
  14. Team 11: CASE title was “ Digital Safety induction Kiosk”
  15. Tea Break
  16. Poster presentation by IIT Indore focusing on 3D printing without melting, development of Biomaterial for orthopaedics purposes and flank modification of gears by non-contact process.

The event was concluded at 5:30 with the short speech by Prof. Sahu and Prof. Jain from IIT Indore.

Outcome of the event

  • The innovation presented by the industries are perfectly matched with the B.Tech Mechatronics curriculum boosted confidence of the students.
  • Students gets an opportunity to directly interact with the industry professionals.
  • Motivation to the students towards innovation and research.