Republic Day
26 Jan 2021

Republic Day Celebration 2021

Symbiosis University celebrates 72nd Republic Day with fervour and gaiety

Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) Indore celebrated the 72nd Republic Day with full patriotic fervour and enthusiasm on 26 January 2021. The celebration began with the flag hoisting ceremony by Vice-Chancellor Air Commodore Dr Sanjay Kumar. This was followed by the National Anthem sung by faculty and staff members present on the occasion.

On a chilly January morning, the dynamic Vice-Chancellor induced quite some warmth and gave goosebumps with his highly charged inaugural speech. He said, “I began my career with a pledge to serve the motherland. Today, we are together celebrating a Red Letter Day in Indian history. I urge you all to think on what best you can do for the eternal glory of the national Tri-colour.”