Indcution Progarm
01 Sep 2022

Schools Induction Program

The School of Computer Science and Information Technology and School of Retail Management have conducted a B.Sc Data Science and BBA Logistics and supply chain management Induction Program on 1st Sept 2022 for new batch 2022-25. The program aims to provide an overview of data science, its applications, and about logistics supply chain management.

The proceedings of the event started by worshipping and enlightening the lamp of Maa Saraswati and a welcome speech by Dr. Prithvi Yadav, Vice Chancellor, SUAS Indore. Yadav sir shared important information on pursuing a B.Sc. in Data Science and Logistic supply chain management. He explained that choosing analytics as a field of study is becoming increasingly important in today’s world where data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. Prof. Yadav also explains those who are skilled in data analysis will be in high demand by both government and private sector organizations in the near future. With the skilling model, he explained the importance of the supply chain by taking the example of Flipkart and amazon.

This was followed by the address from Mr. Vishal Choudhary Registrar. He shared insights on: The code of conduct and set of rules that all students must follow during the academic year are designed to create a safe and positive learning environment for everyone. These rules help to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed in their studies, and they also help to protect the rights of individual students. Some of the most important rules include respecting the rights of others, being honest in all academic work, and taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

Dr. Neha Gupta and Dr. Kapil Rokade explained that Choosing to study data science and SCM can lead to a very rewarding and successful career. They explained the significance of choosing B.Sc data science and Logistic supply chain management as your chosen field of study.

After this session Mr. Ankit Pandey TPO Head SUAS, Indore briefed me about the complete policy of the Internship and Placement. He has given information about many companies and introduced some of our star achievers who are really doing great in their professional life.

Dr. Anupam  Vyas Controller of Examination explained the set of rules related to exams and also detailed the exam structure for the B.Sc Data Science program. He said that the examination will be conducted in two parts- written and practical. The written part will consist of three mid-sem tests and the main exam. The practical exam will be based on the candidate’s performance during skills and practical journals.

The program was successfully organized by Dr. Mamta Thakur and Dr. Devendra Chouhan. The Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Mamta Thakur thanking the vice chancellor, staff, students, and parents for taking out time of their busy schedules and empowering the students with their words of wisdom.