Skill Show by Students
20 Nov 2018

Skill Show by the First Semester Students

Skill (Project) Show by the First Semester Students of School Of Computer Science & Information Technology

A skill (project) show was arranged by the first semester students of the school of computer science and information technology based on Digital Electronics and Logic Circuits theme on 19th November 2018, Monday between 10.00 am to 02.00 pm at Digital Electronics and Logic Circuits Lab, Ground Floor, Engineering Building.

All students of the first-semester CSIT have presented their skill show along with its report. Dr. Shatrughna Prasad Yadav, faculty SCIT was the subject teacher and project guide for all projects displayed by students.

Dr. A. M. Bisen, Dean Academics, faculty members, and laboratory assistants visited the Skill show and motivated students. Dr. A. M. Bisen encouraged students to make projects to solve real-time complex problems.

Following were the  main projects demonstrated by Students of division A:

  • Current Detector Circuits
  • Moisture Sensor
  • 7 Segment BCD Decoder
  • Binary Half Adder
  • Application of D flip-flop
  • Decade Counter
  • Shift Register
  • Automatic Visitor Counter
  • Smart Lighting System
  • Light Detector
  • Application using NAND Gate
  • IR sensor with LED
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Binary Full Adder
  • 7 Segment Display

Similarly  following were the main projects demonstrated by Students of division B:

  • 4:16 Decoder
  • Binary Half Adder
  • Binary Half Subtractor
  • Flip Flop using NAND Gates only
  • Manual Pulse Counter
  • Automatic Street Light
  • Digital Toggle Flip-flop (Switch)
  • IR Proximity Sensor
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Truth Table verification of all Logic Gates
  • Pulse Counter
  • NAND Gate as OR Gate
  • Light Detector using NAND Gate
  • Traffic Light using Counter
  • 7 Segment Display

The Basic idea behind this presentation was to make them show their skills what they have learned in the subject Digital Electronics and Logic Circuits. This subject is very fundamental based on the hardware design of a digital computer. In the higher semesters, they can use these fundamental concepts to resolve real-time complex problems faced by society.

The cost of each project was approximately Rs. 200/- only which was shared by two students of that particular project group. Some projects were made by individual students also but the majority of the projects were made by two students.

In the end, students were seen confident and motivated to take larger problems in the higher semesters.