Stock Market Trading
22 Apr 2021

Skill development session on Stock Market Trading

A skill development session on “Stock Market Trading” was conducted by School of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Management on 22nd April 2021 for all MBA, BBA and B. Com. students. The objective of the session was to ensure that students learn how to trade in stock markets by using a virtual platform. Mr. Shubham Chourey, Regional Marketing Manager, ICICI Securities took this session.  He discussed with students under what situations they should invest in the stock markets and how trading in stock markets can be made a career. He emphasized on the importance of stock markets and how they help in capital formation for any country. He introduced ‘Stock Mind’, a virtual stock market platform which can be used by students to do dummy trades in stock market. Using this platform students can learn stock market trading without actually putting their money. With this they can develop their trading skills without any financial liability. The session was appreciated by the students.