Success Story of Our MBA Alumni
28 May 2021

Success Story of Our MBA Alumni

The session began with introduction of Mr. Alan Jacob, an Alumni of MBA BFSI to the participants. Alan enthusiastically shared his memorable experiences from his first day at the Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore. Gracefully shared his observation in upskilling by participating in various additional skills based events organized at the university. He appreciated and showed his gratitude towards the skills and practical learning he received at the university. Along with encouraged the students to realise the importance of great exposure to skills and practical sessions delivered for their upgradation for future industry ready skills.

Utilizing the learning at SUAS and experience gained by working in the industry, he shared his bouquet of key factors to success. This included employability, leadership role, employee productivity, goal setting, and quantification of work, effectiveness and efficiency.

The session speaker mentioned that due to continuous self-assessment under the guidance of faculty members he could do latent progression. This also resulted via various training provided to him during his learning tenure at SUAS, he quoted.

He shared internship opportunities made his critical thinking and mature thinking at corporate level. The internship opportunities provided exposure to be industry ready, hence re-focused students to give more importance to internship and learning coming out of internship.

“Sky is the limit” – quoting he mentioned various opportunities available in different fields and specializations like HR, Marketing, Research, and Finance.

Session speaker, Mr. Jacob guided students to realize the importance of image building, brand building, social networking and presenting self in the most productive way.

At the conclusion, speaker addressed all queries of the students one by one.