01 Apr 2023


Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore has organized the Event SYMBUZZ’2023, under which Inter School Sports Events has been organized. The Sports Event has the following sports categories:

  1. Cricket  2) Basketball   3) Volleyball  4) Table Tennis (Singles/ Doubles) (Boys/Girls)  5) Lawn Tennis (Singles/ Doubles) (Boys/Girls)

Students of Every School under Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences Indore has taken enthusiastic participation in each category. The Team Registration Statistics along with the Name of the Faculty Co-Ordinator for the Categories are as Follows:

1) Cricket = Category = Boys Team Registered = 07 Total Participants = 80 Total Match Played = 06

2) Basketball Category = Boys Team Registered = 03 Total Participants = 30 Total Match Played = 02

3) Volleyball Category = Boys Team Registered = 05 Total Participants = 50 Total Match Played = 04

4) Table Tennis Category = Boys &Girls (singles / double) Team Registered = 08/03 Total Participants = 08/03 Total Match Played = 09

5) Lawn Tennis Category = Boys &Girls (singles / double) Team Registered = 06/02 Total Participants = 06/04 Total Match Played = 06

The List of Winners and Runner-Ups of each Categories are as follows:

Sports Category



Cricket Team


Team Mechatronics

Volley Ball

Team Hostel BFSI


Basket Ball


Table Tennis

Boys/Singles: Mr. Divyam Agarwal BBA BFSI

Girls/ Singles: Ms. Geetika Chouhan CSIT

Boys/Singles: Mr. Prem Sharma CSIT II Year

Girls/ Singles: Ms. Vanshika Arora CSIT

Lawn Tennis

Boys/ Singles: Mr. Aditya Sharma BBA BFSI

Boys/Doubles: Mr. Vedansh Yadav CSIT

Mr. Vallabh Joshi CSIT

Boys/Singles: Mr. Aashiv Saraf CSIT

Boys/Doubles: Mr. Aashiv Saraf CSIT

Mr. Harsh Vaja CSIT

All Students showed great enthusiasm and team spirit. The whole organizing committee performed well and organized the disciplined