05 Apr 2022

The Times of First Time

Mr Sirhud Kalra is born and brought up in Gurgaon, Haryana, man’s coach, you tuber, influencer and lifestyle coach, he is also available on Spotify He pursued a bachelor’s from Symbiosis International University, Pune After that, he went to University College Dublin to pursue Masters’s in International management He has his own firm named the freeman, the ideology takes it physically from the brotherhood. Philosophy, Mythology and evolution and psychology are the main subjects where most of the learning and imparting are done along

Purpose of visit: The purpose of the visit is to inform and educate the male audience on how to deal with problems anxiety depression To conduct a session for providing solutions for problems related to men’s mental health and lifestyle.

Outcome: The session was indeed a very fruitful experience For the male audience it was an interactive session and problem solving helping men know about the difficulty and how to overcome in any situation