31 Aug 2019

Web Tech

The School of Computer Science & Information Technology  organized a workshop on –“WEB -TECH” on 31 August 2019. The chief speaker was Mr Vilekh Kumar, Universal Informatics, Indore. It was actually a new exposure for our students towards latest trend & technology in the web world.

Mr Vilekh, helped students learn about the creation of Web pages along with Cascading Style Sheets. (CSS).He demonstrated   creation of web pages with dynamic content along with their access through Hyperlinks . More than 100 students of Ist Year CSIT, participated in the workshop. The  coordinators of this event were Prof. Manish Khule, Prof. Neha Sharma from SCSIT.

The student coordinators were Master Rishi Sharma (CSIT, I year), Master Manan Shukla (CSIT, I year).