Women’s Day Celebrations
15 Aug 2018

Women’s Day Celebration


A thought sharing session on “Inspiring Women Skills for a better world” was conducted to mark the Women’s day on March 8th, 2018. This session was an effort to inspire the young minds to share their thoughts and perceptions about the role women play in this world. A total of 15 students which includes 5 boys contributed during the session with their thought-provoking insights. All the students were very enthusiastic and sentimental about the subject. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Dr Ashish Bansal, Professor, CSIT also shared their views on the topic. Dr Smriti Verma coordinated the event and proposed the vote of thanks.

Participating students:

  1. Herin Doshi
  2. Krishna Singh
  3. Tanvi Jain
  4. Sakshi Agarwal
  5. Shubhangi Mishra
  6. Asti Bhavsar
  7. Yash Sakaley
  8. Yukti Chugh
  9. Shreyance Bhandari
  10. Mohana Ratnaparkhe
  11. Neelam Kardhekar
  12. Vijit Shah
  13. Alan Anthony
  14. Poonam Pande
  15. Ayushi Rathod

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