Workshop Bootstrap-5
02 Mar 2021

Workshop Bootstrap-5

As a part of every weekend’s activity, this time the School of Computer Science & IT conducted a hand’s workshop on – “Bootstrap-5”. The workshop was conducted by our student – Shobhit Neema, who is a full-stack developer, an expert in coding and a graphic designer as well. He developed the first website for his university when he was in his first year.

Shobhit recently got expertise in bootstrap as well. He conducted a workshop where he taught his juniors about how to make a responsive website, optimization of a website in order to make it load faster, adding keywords to your website etc through bootstrap. Bootstrap is a potent front-end framework used to create modern websites and web apps. He also explained and demonstrated live how to list your own website on Google search console.

Such kinds of workshop open new paths of exploration for students.

We at Symbiosis believes in exploring new techs