28 Feb 2024

Workshop on Digital Image Processing

The following topics were covered

  • Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
  • Image processing python coding using Google Colab
  1. Theory Session and Workshop on Basics of Drone/Motors


The Theory Session and Workshop on Basics of Drones and Motors aimed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge about drones, their components, and the motors that power them. The event served as a platform for enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals alike to delve into the intricacies of drone technology.

Session Overview:

The workshop commenced with an introductory session outlining the agenda and objectives of the event. It was followed by comprehensive presentations on various aspects related to drones and motors, including:

Introduction to Drones:

Definition and Types of Drones

Applications in Various Industries

Legal and Safety Considerations

Drone Components:

Anatomy of a Drone: Frame, Propellers, Motors, Flight Controller, etc.

Understanding Different Types of Motors: Brushed vs. Brushless

Basics of Motors:

Principles of Operation

Types of Motors: DC, AC, Brushed, Brushless

Motor Selection Criteria: Power, Efficiency, Size, Weight, etc.

Hands-on Workshop:

Practical Demonstration of Motor Assembly

Testing and Troubleshooting Motor Issues

Workshop Highlights:

The hands-on workshop segment was particularly engaging, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. They had the opportunity to interact with different types of motors, understand their working principles, and troubleshoot common issues.

Moreover, the interactive nature of the workshop facilitated networking among attendees, enabling them to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on future projects.


The Theory Session and Workshop on Basics of Drones and Motors provided a valuable learning experience for all participants, irrespective of their expertise level. By demystifying complex concepts and fostering hands-on learning, the event empowered attendees to explore the fascinating world of drone technology with confidence.

Future Prospects:

Given the positive response and enthusiasm exhibited by participants, there is a strong demand for more advanced workshops and specialized training sessions. Future iterations of this event could delve deeper into topics such as advanced motor control techniques, drone customization, and integration of cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, incorporating live demonstrations and guest lectures from industry experts would further enhance the learning experience and broaden the scope of knowledge dissemination in this rapidly evolving field.

Overall, the Theory Session and Workshop on Basics of Drones and Motors laid a solid foundation for aspiring drone enthusiasts and professionals, paving the way for continued learning and innovation in this dynamic domain.