Symbiosis Indore Financial Modelling
12 Apr 2019

Workshop on Financial Modelling

Workshop On Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling with Spreadsheet was a two day workshop (8th February, 2019 & 9th February, 2019) held at School of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences,Indore with the coordination of the faculty members. The purpose of the workshop was to develop the students of MBA (BFSI) with analytical skills through the use of Microsoft Excel software. The workshop was inaugurated and addressed by the Vice Chancellor (Dr. Sanjay Kumar), Dean of Academics (Dr. Anil Bisen) and Director of BFSI (Dr. Prafulla Ranjan). The students got to learn the:

  • Basics of spreadsheet
  • Financial modelling cases

Case 1- weekly wages computation (extension 1 and extension 2) by Dr. Sunil kumar. As session proceeded towards the second half of the day, students learned:

  • Time value of money. by Dr. Kapil Shrimal, (problems based on time value of money)
  • Comparison of two sales commission plans. ext Dr. Sunil
  • Conference budget by Dr. Sunil Kumar.
  • Risk and return analysis (live data) by Dr. Ketan So, with this workshop came to the end of the day one.

Day 2 of the workshop-

Second day’s workshop started at 10:00 am with Dr. Kapil Shrimal who gave students detailed knowledge of capital budgeting with two case studies which were related to investment decision. Later Dr. Sunil Kumar took over and made students various case studies related to savings bank account and investment analysis and project appraisal. Regression analysis was the last topic of the day, which was taught by Dr. Ketan Mulchandani.

The workshop ended successfully with the Valedictory Ceremony.