23 Feb 2024

Workshop on Sensor Interfacing


Build upon foundational knowledge of Arduino programming by introducing participants to more advanced interfacing techniques with various common sensors and actuators.

Session Highlights

After covering the basics of LED control and the use of a potentiometer, the workshop delved into several important components often used in electronics and robotics:

  1. PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor:
  • Understanding the functionality of a PIR sensor for detecting motion.
  • Programming the Arduino to respond to motion detected signals from the PIR sensor.
  1. IR (Infrared) Sensor:
  • Explaining the difference between active and passive IR sensors.
  • Implementing an object detection system using an IR sensor and Arduino.
  1. Buzzer:
  • Integrating a buzzer to Arduino for audio signalling.
  • Writing code to control the buzzer’s pitch and duration.
  1. POT (Potentiometer):
  • Utilizing a potentiometer as an input control device.
  • Demonstrating the variable resistance aspect to adjust LED brightness or buzzer volume.
  1. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):
  • Introducing LCDs and their communication protocols.
  • Displaying sensor readings and messages on the LCD screen connected to Arduino.
  1. Ultrasonic Sensor:
  • Operating principle of ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement.
  • Programming Arduino to calculate and display distance information.

Practical Applications:

Dr. Jadon emphasized the practicality of the learned skills by showcasing example projects and experiments that harness the functionality of these sensors and actuators. Participants worked through hands-on activities to solidify their understanding.

Participant Engagement:

The interactive components of the workshop were well-received, with participants expressing heightened interest in sensor integration for their projects.


Participants left the workshop equipped with the capabilities to incorporate various sensors and actuators into their Arduino projects, marking a significant step forward in their journey into the world of embedded systems and electronics